We love animals. 7 (small) dogs and one cat are running around here - rescued animals without exception.
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Our Welcoming Committee

Sadly, 3 of our dogs and one of the cats passed away in recent years. On the bright side, however, a new doggie arrived: Dennis.






SunnysideUp Backpackers Centurion

was established in 2007 with the provision of budget accommodation as the primary aim. Our capacity is restricted to a maximum of 30 guests occupying four chalets, one dormitory and our cottage.

Not being a Bead&Breakfast nor a conventional guest house, we accommodate a broad variety of guests: travellers, local and from abroad, students attending courses at various training institutions in the Centurion area, groups of guests visiting family or attending weddings or funerals, teams of workers from all over the country on assignment somewhere in the vicinity for a few days or weeks ...

Due to the idyllic character as an island of nature in the midst of a huge metropolitan area SunnysideUp is an ideal place to switch off your mind two by reconnecting with nature. Reading a few thoughts about the benefits of diving into nature might well motivate you to spend a day or two with us.

Our facilities:

We offer 4 types of accommodation at different rates: Bunk beds in our dormitory, private chalets non-en suite, private chalets en-suite, and our cottage (see "Accommodation" page). Bedding and linen we provide as well as extra blankets during winter months.

Our chalets are not equipped with cooking facilities or fridges. You are invited, however, to use the fully equipped communal kitchen in the main house as well as one of the 3 braai places outdoors to prepare breakfast or meals. Of course you can use the fridges provided inside the main house and in the bar area.

In the main house you will also find a spacious lounge where you can watch TV (DStv, full range of channels), stage a small conference, simply have your dinner, and/or just hang out.

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